Residential Title Insurance

Residential title insurance is purchased by home buyers and lenders to provide crucial protections against title issues. Fraud, forgery, and unknown liens could cause the homeowner loss of the use and enjoyment of their home.

Title insurance protects the home buyers investment and can save the home buyer from potential legal expenses and fees.

At Majestic Title we exam the public records to determine the validity of ownership in a property transaction. If any clouds on title arise during the search we work on clearing them up prior to closing.

Once the transaction is closed the Majestic Title makes sure that all liens are properly handled and released, all invoices are paid, title is properly passed to the new buyer, and performs follow up tasks to allow peace of mind to all allowed in the transaction.

In residential transactions Majestic Title works with all the parties involved to create a seemless and smooth transaction.

Any of these issues could cause the homeowner valuable loss of the use and enjoyment of their home. No buyer expects to be purchasing a lawsuit along with their new home. If a third party attempts to claim against a home buyer’s property, title insurance offers security in case a home buyer needs it. If necessary, title insurance will protect a home buyer’s investment and save the home buyer from paying potential legal expenses and fees.